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Hope, bless the earth

the four essences shall rise from the void

Cara || Krile Maia Baldesion
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The first impression that a person usually gets of Krile is that she is a little ball of optimism. Which is not inaccurate. Krile always tries to look for the best thing in a situation, no matter how rotten it seems, and doesn't let rainy days get her down. She's quite idealistic as well, believing that people are good at heart and that there is always a way to win even in the most dire of situations. However, she isn't simply a mindless, naive twerp--Krile is quite aware that there are truly terrible things in the world, and she has experienced her share of loss. Her optimism is a refusal to give into that, and a way for her to keep going forward like she needs to. She doesn't quit, because she feels it's her job not to.

Krile is generally quite sociable and cheerful, looking to make as many friends as she can. When she cares about someone, she cares deeply and gets as close to her friends as they allow her to. The more she likes someone, the more she teases and prods at them--for her, it is a form of affection and is never intended meanly. Partially, her penchant for befriending anyone she meets is because Krile is at heart a rather lonely person. She carries a constant dread that the people she cares about will die because it has happened to her many times. With her parents' disappearance, deaths of people she knew among Bal's soldiers, and especially with her grandfather's death Krile doesn't take any of the time she has with her friends for granted. It is very easy for her to feel alone and sad, and she lacks the need for solitude that most people have.

Despite her sometimes flippant nature, Krile takes her responsibilities as a Light Warrior very seriously. She doesn't let herself show fear of the things she has to do and doesn't goof around in battle--she fights with all she has. Krile also has a wide protective streak, feeling that it's her duty to protect pretty much everybody from things that wish them harm.
Life in Edensphere
Krile was born into Edensphere on February 6th. She chose the name Cara, not for any special reason but because she thought it was a nice name. [It was the name given to her in the fan translation of FFV.] She quickly began making friends, although it has happened quite often that she loses friends to Edensphere's fickle nature. Most of the people she knew when she first came to Edensphere--Tatsu, Renae, Honor, Gundam, Helios--are now gone, and though she hopes that they've returned to where they're supposed to be, she still worries about it.

She died in the November fire and was reborn alongside Sailormoon (Chibiusa) and Ari (Tailmon), making the three of them sisters. Sailormoon is probably the person Cara cares most about in the Sphere, because the little girl reminds Cara very strongly of herself.

Cara is a part-time guard under Bastet and also owns the weapons stall in the Bazaar, inheriting it after a fashion when her friend and previous owner Honor (Alanna of Trebond) vanished. She employs a stern woman named Crochet [NPC] who is also very knowledgeable about weapons, as well as Aim (Neil Dylandy). Cara was also once a member of the Adventurers but decided to quit several months ago after Stoneface pointed out the inadvisability of trying to work three rather strenuous jobs at the same time.

Dream 2

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