Cara || Krile Maia Baldesion (feathered_earth) wrote,
Cara || Krile Maia Baldesion


[A pencil sketch slowly appears that's an inexact copy of this. It's an outline of the dragon only, without quite as many details.]

I've been seeing this picture here and there for a few days now. And for some reason the word "Turtle!" in blue, spiked letters.

I also saw a sign warning me not to get my hair caught in the elevator door. And then there was a big black-and-yellow picture of a girl getting pulled down by her ponytail. I'm just going to take my broomstick to work.

[a few curlicue lines.] Though, speaking of dangerous things--I haven't heard any signs of the ants yet this year. I'm not complaining, of course! But I wonder if they're going to come later, or not at all... I think we should keep our eyes open.

Sniper! I need to talk to you. You've got absent-minded in your old age~
Tags: feeling better, friends are good, life goes on, monster invasions are normal, pencil doodles, we need a castle
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