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Is there some way my playing of Krile can be improved? Have I done something that's completely wrong? Am I doing something OOCly that you find really annoying? Please let me know! Krile's been in Edensphere for well over a year now, so if I'm straying from the path of canon do give me a nudge.

If you need to get in contact with me for some plotty reason, feel free to hit up this post or send me a PM! It can be anything from a big, srs plot to just wanting our characters to meet.

Information on the Weapons Stall

Krile: 50 Sentences (contains spoilers for FFV)

Anon commenting is on, IP logging is off, and comments are unscreened.



Updated 5/06

The Four Elements.Collapse )

DisappearedCollapse )

IF THERE IS SOMEONE MISSING, LET ME KNOW. I redid the formatting on this and it's pretty likely one or multiple people got left off--if your character's one of them, I will add them back!


I suppose I already knew a lot about myself, but it's still nice to know all of it. My name is Krile Maia Baldesion. I'm the princess of a place called Bal. I had have a grandpa named Galuf who is probably waiting impatiently for me to get back there so he can keep bothering me from the afterlife.

I'll be going back to Bal soon, but I'll see all of you first. And it's not goodbye, because you're going to visit one of these days, once I make sure everything at home is all right. But I think it's okay. (Lyle, we were right. It wasn't the end.)

Crochet's running the Weapons Tree from now on. Good luck dealing with her.

My world doesn't have a lot of the technology that this place does. We use wells and coldhouses instead of faucets and refrigerators, and there are things that will try to eat you if you aren't careful. Nevertheless... it's a very beautiful place, and the people are good. If you'd like to live somewhere else, talk to me.


I think I should write it here, because I'm sure anyone who's seen the dying animals wants to know.

But Paladin--I asked some of the birds and squirrels if they know what's going on, and they don't. All they know is that some of them are dying, and they're very worried. They couldn't tell me anything else.

They aren't ill. They just seem to be getting weaker and fading.


My bluebird friend died, too.


I'm finally out of the clinic. stupid magic-eating monsters Mr. Vimes, Hawk, thank you again. I'd be in a cocoo dead if you hadn't come along.

And I saw that the medics who got kidnapped were rescued. Is everyone okay? Actually how is everyone doing generally? I hope those monsters aren't running around anymore. They were really awful.

Oh... happy cocoonday to everyone who's had theirs this week! I need to find presents for you guys, don't I?



It took a couple of weeks, but we finally found the kind of bow you were looking for and someone who knew how to repair it properly. You can come down to the shop anytime.

How is everyone doing? I woke up in a different outfit. I'm dressed like a ninja today--it's a lot better for August than that heavy coat I had before.

A sketch appears at the end of the entryCollapse )

[ooc: Sketch is from Nature Nerd]


[There's a few sketches here. One is of Exdeath's head and shoulders, which is quickly abandoned in favor of sketching out a stout castle.

She gets about halfway through that one and then doodles a moogle or two.]

I remember everything now. At least about the past two years. Did everyone else who got amnesia have their memories return too?

And I know this is a strange question, but does anyone know much about rock and crystal? Especially in a scientific or magic way.


[A pencil sketch slowly appears that's an inexact copy of this. It's an outline of the dragon only, without quite as many details.]

I've been seeing this picture here and there for a few days now. And for some reason the word "Turtle!" in blue, spiked letters.

I also saw a sign warning me not to get my hair caught in the elevator door. And then there was a big black-and-yellow picture of a girl getting pulled down by her ponytail. I'm just going to take my broomstick to work.

[a few curlicue lines.] Though, speaking of dangerous things--I haven't heard any signs of the ants yet this year. I'm not complaining, of course! But I wonder if they're going to come later, or not at all... I think we should keep our eyes open.

Sniper! I need to talk to you. You've got absent-minded in your old age~

dream two ✿ open

[Warning for absurd yet highly effective villains nightmare and character death.]

You're on your ownCollapse )


[This entry is forward-dated a few hours, to about half-past midnight.]


1. Get those spiders out of the shop ledger!!
2. Buy new propellers for the airship
3. Find out where the stars were supposed to go and PUT THEM BACK!

Then maybe I can find out where the planet went. I'm so busy and I don't think the ribbon even works.

Hey, do rainbow sheep eat spiders? It's really important.


[There's a pause. She tries to write steadily, but it gets progressively shakier.]

I don't know how many people knew him, but Lix is gone.

He was from the same place as me.



Hey, everyone! I'm out of the elevator now. How long was I in there? (Was it less than a month?)

Is everyone okay?

And what's going on now? It doesn't look like I got back in the middle of a monster invasion, at least. Just a colorful sheep invasion... Are the [twirly line] fake copies of people still around? I sure hope not. They were (or are) really creepy.

Oh, I found out my full name. It's Krile Maia Baldesion. Everything else in the books there was gibberish, though.

- Cara


Hey everyone.

The elevator's stuck, but I'm al it's just me this time. I hope I won't be gone for too long.

Lix, I've got a couple of things to show you when I get back.

Be careful of those copies, everyone. (If you see one of me, tell it to weed my garden.)

- Cara


I've been in Edensphere for two years.

It seems longer than it's actually been. I guess that's because I still remember here more than before.


I'm glad I met everyone I have. There are good people here even if it's a bad place.

- Cara


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