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[the handwriting is large in an effort to keep it neat, but does resemble Krile's normal cursive.]

Bastet I don't think I can do my shift today. I woke up really little.

Lockon, I'm still going to come to the shop. I can still do files and things.

I can't do magic either.

And I have red clothes. With a hat.

[obviously this fact is critical.]

- Cara

[ooc: Replies will be made with bal_daisy]

--79 [radio memory]

Your very own submarine!Collapse )

[ooc: Static is over Cid's instructions, which involve pressing buttons on a GBA, and Lix's real name.

Video reference is here, from 1:38 to 3:30.]


It's obvious all the notes stuck around this place are fake and probably from the same source that messes around with our clothes and age, but I just want to let everyone know that we do not threaten our customers with torture at the Weapons Tree.

And no, we don't actually torture them either.

Even if you're late on your payments.

- Cara


Attention Edensphere!

There will be a party starting at 2 PM this Saturday at Smoke's. Eagle and I think the Sphere could really use one on the occasion that it's winter and if we're slipping on slush or invisible ice we should be on our way to somewhere besides work. Everyone is invited!

You're also all invited to bring food. If you could let me know here what you're going to bring that would be really helpful so we don't have a dozen bowls of potato salad.

If you can't cook, you can always buy something from one of the food stalls. Even potato chips would be welcome! But you can also help us set up and clean up instead of bringing food.

...I think I made it sound like all work. But it won't be! Bring your friends (or your dates if you haven't taken them out yet~) and we'll all have a great time!

- Cara


Eagle! I haven't forgotten that conversation we had last week. Do you want to get together somewhere and start making plans for it?


It looks like all of the strange gadgets and things have gone away. That's too bad. I really liked the look of some of them! I bet it would have made following some of these signs more interesting if we could use a wind-up hair dryer with giant gears to get the job done, don't you think? And all the outfits were really snazzy too.

Speaking of gadgets--I've got that space heater, Above! I'm sorry it took me so long. I only remembered the other day, what with the zombies and everything.

Oh, and just so everyone knows, if you see me calling myself Cara it's because of Lix. He's from the same place as me! But he hears my name as a chocobo's kweh, so I'm going to sign my entries with my other name so he can tell it's me.

It's almost a new year. I wonder what this one will be like?

- Cara


It looks like I've got a minute to write, so hello!

Bastet, I'm sorry I haven't shown up at the Hatchery. I'm still on the farm with Apple and Lix. It's holding up pretty well against the zombies.

I haven't seen very many people since this started. Is everyone okay?


The Weapons Tree is open to any Watchmen, Guards, or Adventurers that need equipment.

Be careful, everybody. DON'T go around alone and if it looks like too many for you to handle, just avoid them.

And don't panic. Stay quiet and calm if you can't fight and you run into these things, and do your best to get away safely.

Sailormoon, Nova, we need to bring the cats to the Wilderness.


Minna-saaaan~ the Weapons Tree is open again! Now that all the snow vanished, there's no reason to stay closed.

Lix-kuuun, have you explored much of Edensphere yet-desu? The snow and all must have been a hassle. Were you able to get a job at the farm? I bet you will like it. Some of my friends work there and the animals are super-kawaii!!


What is happening to my writing-desu?! Ne, ne, has anyone noticed anything weird about how they talk-desu? I don't know what's going on. Or what "desu" means.

Maybe it's silly to ask this right now-desu but I'm very confused.

[after a moment, she adds this]

Kururu Kururu or Cara

Definitely not Kweh, anyway.



You know, I never wondered what I looked like with a mustache but I know now! And I kind of like it, except that it itches. The glasses are nice, too! I almost feel like some kind of scholar.

It doesn't seem to be the same kind of thing anyone else has, though. Oh well!

Oh yes! And the weapons s the Weapons Tree will be open again tomorrow! It looks like we're actually a weapons shop again and not a candy store, which is good because I don't think we need more than one. Did the other things that were changed go back to normal too?

If you're looking for it, we're [location] in the Bazaar--it's a proper building. You'll be able to spot it from the new sign and the smell of fresh plaster.

[Pretend this is at a decent hour on Sunday morning and not 1AM. Also, Krile is dressed as Nobuo Uematsu.]


The weapons shop was hit really badly by the hurricane, so we're going to be closed until we get it rebuilt. Right now we're not sure how long that'll take, but it won't until the houses are fixed at least. Sorry about the nuisance.

However, the forge on Stuff Inc. is fine! So we'll still be able to do repairs. But unless you really need it, wait until things settle down. Rebuilding is more important.

We did find a sign in the mess. Goodness knows where it came from, but it's in one piece and it's pretty spiffy. It says "The Weapons Tree," and I suppose that's a good name for a weapons shop.

[ooc: The sign in question was made by Kris ♥ found with mod permission.]


Well, this is [adjective]. I keep [verb ending in -ing] to [verb] properly, but it just doesn't work. I really shouldn't be [adjective] though. I've been here for long enough that I shouldn't even [verb] a/an [part of the body] at this.


I'll just keep [verb ending in -ing].

I do [verb] this place. It's [adjective]. But it makes it hard to [verb] there's a huge [noun] going on up above.

I hope the [name of place] is all right up in the [name of place].

[name], [name], and [name], how are you guys doing?


Hey, everyone!

Some of you have met my dragon friend Havoc, and I'm sure you've seen him flying around Edensphere. He's here in the Wilderness now because it's not safe for him up there.

Food's been arranged for him. He does not eat people and he won't eat pets, either.

You'll recognize him because he's big and red. He's really not that bad once you get to know him, but I think he's going to spend most of his time away from camp so you might only see him in the distance. If you do see him, don't be scared. The worst he'll do is blow a smoke ring at you.

Thanks again for the help getting him down here, Lezard. I really do appreciate it. (Even if he was a grouch about it. It's impressive that you were able to teleport him that distance at all.)


Nova, Sailormoon, where did you guys end up in the cabins?

[ooc: For reference, Havoc looks like this, a "huge" sized dragon. Feel free to say that your character has seen him in the distance, but for the most part he'll be making use of the wider sky of Annawanna and lairing on one of the mountains, not hanging around camp. Though if you do want a closer encounter, feel free to ping me!]


[pause of a minute or so.]

Whoops, sorry. I didn't know my journal was sitting there.

This probably means we're going to have monsters under our beds this weekend too. Be careful, everyone. I think getting a flashlight would be a good idea for anyone that doesn't have magic and who doesn't want to sleep with a weapon close to hand. The one I found seemed to hate the light as much as the spell I hit him with.

And if the light itself doesn't work, you can always wallop them with the flashlight. It should still make them think twice.

I wish they weren't in our houses. Those are supposed to be safe from monsters. [some pentaps go at the end of this sentence and then she crosses it out.]

[ooc: The monster under Krile's bed? A nine-foot centipede thing. Fortunately not the actual specimen.

Housemates, feel free to have heard, smelled, and/or seen a small lightning strike in Krile's room in the wee hours of the morning.]


Hey, if anyone is up for the climb, the view from the Astronomy Tower is fantastic! You can see everything from up here... whatever this country is, it's very beautiful.

It's a very strange castle, though. I don't know if I've ever seen one that's all sprawled out like this, although there's certainly enough room to fit a lot of people if there's need. I can't see any farms or houses around either, just the Quidditch field. [pentaps] For that matter, I haven't found an armory yet, but this place is so huge I'm sure it'd be easy to miss. Most of the rooms are full of desks, like a scholar's study. I can't imagine why there need to be so many. Paladin, Reed, Spear, have you seen it yet?

Oh yeah, everyone should be careful if you pass a picture of a knight. I've had this Sir Cadogan guy following me through just about every painting I've passed offering to escort my fair maidenly self on my noble quest or something.

Has anyone been a Hufflepuff yet? I like the badger and the yellow--it's very cheery!

The Weapons Stall

Hey guys! So borrowing an idea from Scath, I've decided just to stick this post permanently in Krile's journal rather than making a huge, redundant one in the OOC comm every few months. It'll be linked to in her top / HMD post for easy findings if you need to have a look later.

there has been no FailTML. you're imagining things.

All about the weapons stallCollapse )


[The page is a little soggy around the edges and slightly stained with chlorophyll and sap. A week in a tree does few favors to a journal.]

I'm back to normal now. It looks like everyone is too.

Being able to fly was wonderful, but I'm still really happy to be in my own body again. I'll try not to miss any more work than I already have. If something else happens I'll come in anyhow just as long as I've got thumbs.

I know I startled and frightened some people. I'm really sorry about that. I didn't mean to, but I guess it happens when you turn into a dragon.

Peachblossom, do you have some free time?

There was another fellow I met on Captain Planet. If you don't mind I'd like to talk to you as well, please. We should meet each other properly.

[this is added a short time later.]

By the way, has anyone seen a guy carrying a sapling?

[ooc: Joan--I know the thread with Huo's not done yet, but if he does tell her his name she probably doesn't want to misspell it. XD]


[ooc: So... yeah she got hit with the bodyswap while heading across Captain Planet. Mud and black colored pencil FTW. Buuut not replies, sorry.

Given the weather, this entry is also spattered with raindrops. Forward-dated to midmorning.]


Hey Nova, where are you? It's starting to get late, you know. You didn't get stuck down in the Wilderness did you? Or stepped on by that lizard-monster

[there's a pause of about a minute before the writing continues.]

Oh, her journal is here. Never mind.

Hey, if anyone sees Nova around can they let her know I'm looking for her? She's a little shorter than me five feet, and she's got a really long red braid and usually carries a sword.


Wow, I'm feeling much better today! Uh... Sailormoon, Nova, sorry you had to put up with my being sick.

Oh, and thanks everyone who brought me food! It was good even i [just gonna not finish that sentence there.] It helped a lot.

I'm ready to come back to work now.

The cat ears really have stuck around for a while, haven't they? I forget what day I woke up with them, but they don't seem to be going anywhere. [No, she doesn't know what they mean 8| having not kept up with her journal while having hiatus flu.]

Does the city down in the Wilderness have pollution in it?


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