Cara || Krile Maia Baldesion (feathered_earth) wrote,
Cara || Krile Maia Baldesion


I suppose I already knew a lot about myself, but it's still nice to know all of it. My name is Krile Maia Baldesion. I'm the princess of a place called Bal. I had have a grandpa named Galuf who is probably waiting impatiently for me to get back there so he can keep bothering me from the afterlife.

I'll be going back to Bal soon, but I'll see all of you first. And it's not goodbye, because you're going to visit one of these days, once I make sure everything at home is all right. But I think it's okay. (Lyle, we were right. It wasn't the end.)

Crochet's running the Weapons Tree from now on. Good luck dealing with her.

My world doesn't have a lot of the technology that this place does. We use wells and coldhouses instead of faucets and refrigerators, and there are things that will try to eat you if you aren't careful. Nevertheless... it's a very beautiful place, and the people are good. If you'd like to live somewhere else, talk to me.
Tags: i am everyone's sister, journal spam, light warrior, made of optimism, never alone, optimism, the new origin
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