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I want to go over that mountain and see
I want to know the other side of the sea

Bridge - Krile's known Bridge for a very long time. In fact, he's the only one of her original friends who's still in Edensphere, and she harbors a private fear--almost expectation--that he'll vanish as well. His bizarre way of thinking and the odd lines he follows in conversation make him a lot of fun to talk to, and she likes his generally cheerful nature. He reminds her of Mid with his eager interest in machines and robotics.

Apple (Cooro) - A young boy with magical wings and a love for food. Apple is energetic, kind, cheerful, and all-around adorable. Krile loves him and wants to look out for him, since the Sphere is not always good to children. He might also have been a slave in his past life, which pisses her off.

Gene-1 (Lyle Dylandy) - Gene is an amiable and irreverent fellow who Krile took a quick liking to. His flippant, teasing sense of humor is something that she liked right away, though at the same time she notices that he always pitches in to help whenever the Sphere is having a crisis. She asked him to help her improve her marksmanship, more out of a desire to hang out with him regularly than an interest in guns, but he's a decent teacher. He lands under Wind because of the interest he's shown in finding out how the Sphere works, and she thinks he's much cleverer than she is. She's very fond of him and wishes he hadn't lost his brother.

Youth (Maito Gai) - Youth's love of sparkle and apparent enthusiasm for pretty much everything except apples naturally makes Krile like him a lot. He's one of those people it's impossible to feel glum around, and though he's a bit quirky she finds that endearing too... sort of like a really extreme Bartz. He also got her to Wellspring after her battle with Paladin's evil twin ended badly, which she's grateful for. She's saddened by the disappearance of his son Lotus.

Cloud (Ginko) - Krile met him during Damsels in Distress, when he was chained to a rock in Bernard's lake. She's seen him around on the journals before too, mixing a mild-mannered nature with deep curiosity and always seeming to ask questions. He took quite an interest in her ability to talk to animals and even went with her on a bluebird ride, very briefly. There's a sense of something around him that Krile can't put her finger on, but he's a person she feels naturally at her ease around. He's one of the very few people who she's told that her grandfather is dead.

Above (Janine Fairhouse) - A pterosaur, which as far as Krile can tell is a strange kind of dragon. Above can be prickly and defensive, but Krile thinks she can be rather sweet at times too. She also knows (from a grudging admittance when Above was briefly human) that being the only ptesrosaur in the Sphere can be lonely, so Krile is going to try to mitigate that as much as she can. And Above's reluctance to admit any sentiment is not unlike Faris' behavior.

Hawk (Kouei) - Hawk is drawn to dragons. Hawk can talk to dragons and now has a small dragon companion named Fuu, a discovery made when he'd been injured by a fall and the dragon fetched Krile and Nova to help. Krile feels a sense of kinship with Hawk for the interest in dragons, a similar lack of familiarity with modern technology, and his willing rootlessness reminds her somewhat of Bartz. He seems very thoughtful and contemplative with a a lot more to him beneath the surface a dragon beneath the surface, wow. She considers him to be a close friend after that incident and decided to quit hiding her royalty while talking to him.

Sniper (Usopp) - A strange fellow with quite a beak on him. He's a little high-strung, but he's got a talent for pulling stories out of his hat and Krile suspects that he used to be a pirate. Even though he seems a little panicky sometimes, he was still pretty good fighting against the (unbeknownst to them at the time) fake Godzilla in Tokyo. She loves his stories and flights of imagination and encourages them whenever he starts. Unlike most of her friends, Sniper actually acts how he is feeling, which makes him a relaxing person to be around. She doesn't have to be extra-cheerful for him or wonder if he's hiding anything, and that in turn encourages her to be open and talkative.

Now I can see the colors of that day
I want to feel it, the way it truly feels

Paladin (Cecil Harvey) - Kind, gentle, and courageous, Paladin reminds Krile a great deal of Lenna. His occupation as one of Wellspring's healers, royal past, and his recklessness while his evil twin was on the loose only heightens that impression in her mind, considering Lenna isn't the best at taking "self-preservation" into account either. Paladin is also a king despite being very young, and Krile feels as though she shares the weight of that unremembered responsibility with him. He seems to carry a sense of sadness with him, on his barely-remembered wife and possible horrors from his past, so she tries to be extra-cheerful for him. Krile feels naturally at ease in his presence, and she's more honest with him about her sadness than anyone else. He's very dear to her.

Moon (Genjyo Sanzo) - Moon is a cranky guy who acts like everyone annoys him and he'd rather be left alone without all these idiots. Krile thinks that's hogwash because he obviously cares about Apple and Meatbun, enough to let them live in his house and eat all his food. To be honest, she finds that kind of adorable and she's glad he has a couple of relentlessly chipper people in his life. He also needs to be more careful around his fridge.

Reed (Ramza Beoulve) - A quiet but dedicated Greeter and Watchman, and a close friend of Paladin's. He speaks thoughtfully over the journals and very formally, and while Krile was disposed to like him she didn't know him that well until he was one of the group that witnessed her grandfather's death on the Fourth Floor. Since then she's made an effort to talk to him whenever she sees him writing on the journals, and she's somewhat sad and angry that wherever he comes from seems to have had rotten rulers. She also has a bit of a crush on him.

Bellflower (Unohana Retsu) - A steady and calm presence, if not that old in the Sphere. And another victim of Apostle. Krile got her a scarf and gloves to make up for it, but Bellflower pointed out the illogic in feeling guilty over Apostle's actions. She strikes Krile as a very strong person.

A flame glows red, simply red
Rouging my cheek and burning the sky

Target (Riza Hawkeye) - One of the captains of the Adventurers and very serious. Also not at her ease with dragons. Krile saw her reaction to the announcement of Snap's disappearance, and even though she didn't say anything she could feel definite sympathy with the urge to deny it to an extreme. After being trapped on the Fourth Floor with her--both seeing Target's memory and Target's reaction to Juliet's--Krile came away with a strong admiration for her.

Bastet (Shihouin Yoruichi) - Captain of the Guard and Krile's boss. Bastet is clearly a warrior, a leader, in control and (usually) mature, all traits which Krile admires. She hopes one day she can be the kind of leader that Bastet is, as Bastet is consistently strong during Edensphere's crises. More than that, Krile enjoys Bastet's company as well and her sense of humor, even if the latter is a little much for Krile sometimes. It would be nice if the Sphere stopped taking an axe to her happiness.

Nova (Shidou Hikaru) - It didn't take long for Krile and Nova to hit it off. Krile liked Nova's default to friendly optimism after arriving in Edensphere, and they both share a generally sunny and protective nature, with a good dollop of adventerousness on Nova's part. After being together during A Trip Down Memory Lane, Krile invited Nova to be a second housemate. She disappeared in February, but returned in April to Krile's joy and they've gone right back to being friends.

Dash (Tommy Shepherd) - A long-time resident of Edensphere and a Greeter, Dash seems like a typical teenage boy and a fun person to talk to... except when he gets mad. Krile didn't see his rant against the Tree on the journals, only that it had been inked over, but she could guess and it was easy enough to read from what comments were left. And while she can't blame him for being incredibly angry, she worried for him. Now that he's back after a disappearence of some time, she's not sure what to think. But she still consideres him a friend.

Night (Zed) - Wildly enthusiastic, boastful, and over-the-top, Night ends up reminding Krile a lot of Gilgamesh. Especially when she saw his demon form in Disneyworld. Though he's basically nuts, he also had no problem fighting off the giant ants and was pretty unperturbed by it... until they killed his chocobo. If they were in a fight, Krile would much rather be fighting next to him than against him, overriding the initial impression she got after the account of his hour-long battle with Nannerpuss.

I'd like these feelings welling up within me, to reach you
I'd like my tiny hopes to come true

Sailormoon (Tsukino Chibiusa) - Sister. The person that Krile is most strongly reminded of here is herself, although she doesn't entirely realize this. But Sailormoon's tendency to be lonely and desire to be strong enough to protect her friends mirrors Krile's own personality, and so Krile feels the very deep urge to look after her and help her learn how to protect her friends and herself. She feels driven to be strong for her sake more than anyone else's. Also, Sailormoon is 100% adorable.

Stoneface (Sam Vimes) - Somehow, Stoneface has managed to land squarely in this category--well, there is actually logic behind it. Even though he's an irritable, cigar-smoking grouch who isn't shy about dopeslapping her if she's being annoying, Krile genuinely thinks of him as a nice person. He joined the Guard and decided to start the Watch in order to protect people from criminals and is very committed to making it work despite all the difficulties, particularly having been murdered by someone who didn't like the idea. He's a strong, steady presence in her life and it's fair to say that she loves him. While Krile fears that he will die again or disappear, she doesn't think he could ever truly be defeated.

Amurui (Senri) - Krile met him in person during the de-aging event, when he'd turned into a raging bearboy. Overall, Amurui seems like a kind but simple man, protective of Apple and deeply troubled by his memories, as well as being plagued by an inability to remember things here. If she hadn't seen the berserk side of him, Krile would say he's the sort of person who wouldn't hurt a fly. Even though she worries about his capacity to hurt people sometimes, she still thinks he's a basically good person at heart.

Watch as it engulfs all in its path!

Juliet (Grell Sutcliffe) - Krile thought Juliet was a slightly eccentric but decent person who ran the flower/candy shop with Sailormoon, until she saw his memory of murder on the fourth floor. Apart from the blood and gore, Krile was immensely disturbed by how uncaring Juliet seemed to be about it. She doesn't trust him an inch and does NOT like that he's close to Sailormoon, but unfortunately she can't force them to keep away from each other.

Void (Nico Robin) - Krile knows this is unfair, especially because they've never met in-person, but she can't help but be deeply unsettled by the woman's choice of name. It colors her perception of her entirely, so she finds the way Void speaks on the journals to be rather creepy.

People she doesn't know well enough or who just don't fit neatly

Castor (Aragaki Shinjiro) - Castor is usually blunt and curt over the journals and has long, long bickering sessions with some of his friends that are either entertaining or baffling to watch. He's also responsible for the stall's gun policy because he thought shooting himself would awaken his Persona (it didn't). Krile likes him anyway and he doesn't seem to mind talking to her, either.

Bell (Hatake Kakashi) - Second-in-command of the Guard, so he's one of her bosses. Krile doesn't talk to him much outside of work though, because she doesn't want to get caught in the constant innuendo traps he sets for his friends in the journals. Being fifteen, Krile is at the point where she understands the double meanings (usually), but doesn't want anyone else to know she may ever think about those things. Her opinion of him improved after being his student during the Masters and Apprentices event and his help in making her shop more secure, so she's going to try and talk to him more (although it will still feel like walking through a minefield).

Lin (Soi Fong) - At first, Krile didn't like Lin--mainly for the death threats against Bastet. Apparently the two of them got that sorted out because Lin joined the Guard. She's prickly, curt, and antagonistic towards most people, but Krile doesn't think she's actually a bad person. Krile tends to be unflappably nice towards her, and so far it seems to be paying off.

Black (Sebastian Michaelis) - Very confusing. On the one hand, Rogue made public Black's fourth-floor memory of butchering people and the man can certainly say some creepy things. On the other hand, Krile saw a memory in which he seemed to be protecting a boy and acting as a murder investigator. But back on the first hand, the murderer he was confronting was Juliet, and in Edensphere they seem to be quite close. Oh, and Sailormoon seems to like him a lot. Krile really doesn't know what to think of him at all.

Huo (Zhuge Liang) - Krile met him when she was a dragon and he bowed to her like she was some kind of great being, which frankly made her want to hide under a rock. She had a pleasant conversation with him when she returned to her usual self, though. They also ended up fighting zombies together during the December invasion, where he earned her admiration for all time by ploughing over a horde with a combine harvester.

Ambassador (Londo Mollari) - A very unusual fellow who seems quite unashamed of his love of vice. He was killed in a religious ritual by Apostle, which Krile felt somewhat guilty for as she'd sold him the weapon he did so with. She brought him a bottle of scotch as a kind of apology, and he seemed to bear her no ill-will for it, much to her relief. She's inclined to like him.

Flame (Presea) - A friendly woman and a talented blacksmith, which is something Krile took interest in right away. Flame is now working at the Weapons Tree. Krile is happy both to have a new friend and a proper blacksmith. She enjoys talking to her, whether Flame is getting enthusiastic over a new project or venting her utter outrage at the Sphere's latest whimsy.

Tian (Gojun) - First impression: holy moley that is one heck of a dragon. Second impression: a rather narky dragon. Tian's method of dealing with people in general confuses Krile and she isn't entirely comfortable with it. She's somewhat chalking it up to the fact that he is obviously nothing like a human and will continue trying to be friendly, since he seems to be benevolent despite the arrogance.

Smoke (Sha Gojyo) - Krile only got to knew him when he was born again in the summer, though she knows he has a long history in the Sphere. They share a desire to find out what's going on and frustration that things aren't laid out plainly. She'd like to get to know him better. So far he strikes her as a general son-of-a-gun, but a decent one.

Eagle (Hawk) - He suggested that a party would be a great idea, Krile agreed, and they put one together at the bar in January. He seems generally curious and good-natured. They're shaping up to be pretty good friends.

Stellaris (Anew Returner) - A very intelligent and polite woman, from what Krile's seen, with a seeming passion for astronomy. She's also Lyle's girlfriend, and Krile is pleased as punch about it. Although she didn't know Stellaris very well before, she plans to change that.

Daitou (Souji) - A young man who looks about five years younger than he really is and works in Sailormoon's candy shop. Krile was glad that her sister had a new friend, but fighting alongside him during the zombie invasion and against Hawk's evil twin gave her a healthy respect for his fighting abilities, despite the silly attitude. She likes him.

Helios (Seifer Almasy) - Her friend and roomate. After Renae disappeared she did her best to stay cheerful around the house, knowing that he missed people as well. For a long time she harbored a secret fear that he was going to disappear as well, and he finally did.
Memento: A long blue coat he used to wear. Damaged in the Fire.

Tatsu (Ryu) - Tatsu was one of the first people Krile met in Edensphere. She went to meet him after seeing his drawings of dragons on the journals. She talked to him again after his ordeal of being kidnapped by Lezard, and he invited her to move in with him. The two of them grew very close, especially after Tatsu battled his evil twin. Despite Tatsu's tendency to not think first about dangerous situations, he was sweet and kind, once telling Krile that she made him feel safe. He asked her to the charity ball, and then kissed her, making them rather derpy sweethearts. Then one day Tatsu didn't return home from the farm, and Bastet confirmed that he was gone, marking Krile's first loss. She still misses him.
Memento: His journal. Damaged in the Fire.

Renae (Relm Arrowny) - Renae and Krile met the first time that Krile wrote in her journal and took an immediate liking to each other. Difficult not to when Renae was such an adventurous-but-sensible smart aleck. After Tatsu's disappearance, Krile moved in with her and Helios, but Renae vanished a few months later.
Memento: A few sketches and paintings, somewhat damaged by the Fire.

Honor (Alanna of Trebond) - A guard and former owner of the weapons stall, Krile met Honor early on and took a quick liking to her after Honor hired her, despite the serious personality. Both Honor's occasional temper and boyishness reminded Krile strongly of Faris, and she decided to undertake a two-part quest: 1. teach Honor how to have fun and 2. teach Honor how to act like a girl. Both were going well, until Honor vanished.
Memento: HER SHOP. Also, her cat Pride.

Gundam (Setsuna F. Seiei) - Krile met him through working at Honor's weapons stall. Though Gundam was quiet, Krile felt at ease in his company and considered him a steady and trustworthy friend. His loss of memory upset her, but she decided that she would just going to make friends with him again and try to keep him safe this time. He vanished in January, apparently taken by the elevator but his journal stopped functioning a few weeks later. Krile had been hoping for his return, but was not very surprised when he disappeared.
Memento: A pair of knives that belonged to him.

Joe (Prettz) - He had no volume control, seems to have a head about as hard and impenetrable as a rock, and absolutely zero manners. Basically her feelings can be summed up by this icon. He vanished from Edensphere, so we'll never know if he was actually a descendant of hers.
Memento: None.

Skulls (Daisukenojo "Beat" Bito) - Skulls used to be Krile's sweetheart, on account of her thinking him rather nice despite the fact that he wasn't the brightest crayon in the box. But teenage relationships tend to be fleeting, and Krile started growing aware of a disconnect in how they related to things which was sometimes a little uncomfortable, and she didn't like being treated like someone needing protection. His disappearance not long after that marked something of a turning point for Krile, both because he was one of several and because he thought he was dead before coming into Edensphere. Subsequent disappearances and, likely future ones, have given her a sense of weariness along with sadness, and she's no longer surprised by them.
Memento: His journal.

Ari (Tailmon) - Supposedly Ari was a cat, although Krile didn't meet her before being reborn alongside her and Sailormoon after the Inspherno, when Ari was distinctly lacking in limbs. The three of them lived together for a while, but Ari vanished along with many others in March.
Memento: Cat hair on the furniture None.

River (Haku) - Krile knew River before and actually greeting him and Rosalind into the Sphere the first time he was born. He was somehow the sort of person she simply felt comfortable around, and there might be some explanation in the fact that he was really a dragon--a form that she saw during the Insphereno. Although he vanished a while later and was reborn without memories, and in his dragon form, Krile didn't hesitate in seeking out his friendship again. A while later, Rosalind reported that he had flown up and disappeared into a clear blue sky. Krile hopes he's back where he came from.
Memento: None.

Cookie (Kamek) - Self-proclaimed no-good who seemed to detest happiness and goodwill. Krile hprodded him on the journals because if nothing else, Cookie--cackling, openly belligerent, and with vague but malicious intentions--was a villain she could understand. Though brainy, he didn't seem to amount to much in action... although unbeknownst to her, he fought her as Bowser when she was a wind drake. That fight ended when she pushed him off an island and abruptly turned back into herself.
Memento: None.

Pollux (Sanada Akihiko) - Pollux was kind of odd, but a nice guy who was fun to tease. At the same time, he seemed very concerned and even protective of his friends when things in Edensphere turn bad. He also got pretty on-edge when Castor explained what pot was to Krile, but at the same time it didn't seem like it was really about her. He seemed to take a quick liking to her, and if that happens Krile tends to respond in kind, so he became of her Surrogate Adopted Whatevers. She was saddened when he vanished in November, but feels worse for Castor.
Memento: None.

Aim (Neil Dylandy) - Krile met Neil's second incarnation, Range, when he offered to help in the weapons stall because Gundam had died again. When he vanished and was reborn as Aim, Krile reached out to him and ended up hiring him to work in the stall again. It didn't take long for her to consider him a close friend this time, especially since he was good at back-and-forth teasing. She grew very fond of him and considered him a wonderful older brother friend. His disappearance in March was a terrible blow.
Memento: A note he left her.

Peachblossom (Keladry of Mindelan) - A tall adventurer who was built like an oak tree and--apparently--used edged fans in combat. Krile found her a tiny bit intimidating due to her physical presence and laconic way of speaking, but she quite likeed the woman. She also seemed to be from the same place as Honor, judging by the last bodyswap. Krile wishes she had the chance to get to know her better, and maybe fight some monsters with her.
Memento: None.

Lix (Bartz Klauser) - Her chocohobo. Krile had mixed feelings about his arrival in Edensphere; she was happy to see him but not happy that he wass 1. in a place like Edensphere or 2. an amnesiac. However, Lix retained his aura of everything-will-be-all-right, which made it difficult to worry about him. She was just happy that she could know him again, even though almost everything she tried to tell him about their world was blocked out. When he disappeared in front of her eyes, it felt like her past went with him. She tries to be confident that wherever he is now, he can take care of himself.
Memento: His journal and the sword she gave him.

IF THERE IS SOMEONE MISSING, LET ME KNOW. I redid the formatting on this and it's pretty likely one or multiple people got left off--if your character's one of them, I will add them back!
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